Metal roofing has the reputation of only being used on large industrial or commercial structures. While it’s true that metal is a good option for these applications, metal roofing goes far beyond this with use on homes, architectural buildings, and agricultural structures. Let’s discuss more common uses and structures to look for the next time you’re out in your city or town.



One of the biggest reasons metal roofing is commonly chosen in commercial applications is due to its superior weather resistance to wind and water, especially in areas where hurricanes or other tropical weather is a concern. Even when the structure isn’t in a tropical location, metal roofing gives business and building owners the peace of mind that their roof is destined to last and not need constant upkeep. Common uses:



Schools and universities


Government buildings

Military structures





Transportation buildings



The residential market is booming as homeowners begin to realize that metal roofing will actually save them money in the long run. A lot of homeowners don’t think their roof is big enough to warrant a metal roof, but we are here to tell you that the size of your roof doesn’t matter. Metal roofing systems can be used on something as small as a brick or stone mailbox.

There has also been an increase in metal roofing being used as an accent on an awning or as a part of the roof. Be sure to consult with the manufacturer before a contractor installs two different materials together, as they could potentially react and/or degrade one another.