MRO Contractors (formerly Rosco Corporation) is owned and operated by Mark. R. O'Donnell since 1998. We are an independently owned firm focusing on large commercial & industrial general contracting projects, and offer a variety of services such as standing seam, membrane & shingle roofing, pre-engineered steel buildings, interior fit-ups, foundation work, additions, renovations and conversions.


Some of our projects include Wyman's Liquor Mart, Leominster Village at the Mall at Whitney Field, Pizzeria Uno Restaurants and Lancaster Street Realty.

Four reasons why we are not your typical general contractor


1. Our staff is our staff We employ a full time staff of 9 people, which means we bring our own staff rather than rely on subcontractors to complete the job on time and within budget. This also enables us to maintain 100% control from start to finish and take responsibility for the entire project.


2. We offer a holistic approach to building For large building projects, clients need more than just a builder, they need an accountant, a banker, an attorney, an architect and then a builder. Our firm is uniquely positioned to guide the client through the labyrinth of property building and management through our holistic approach. It all begins here at MRO Contractors.


3. Our reputation is paramount We value earning and maintaining a good reputation as a quality builder, offer great customer service and enjoy building quality "win-win" relationships with all our clients. Honest, Quality and Devotion are three words that best describe us.


There are many contractors out there who are monetarily driven, to the exclusion of all else. MRO Contractors actually has grown profitable by focusing on RELATIONSHIPS not on MONEY. Our number one priority is to provide great service at a reasonable price, and take care to invest our energy into building quality relationships with everyone we do business with.